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Mathew Silver
Writer and Journalist

My name is Mathew Silver and I'm a Toronto-based writer. Most recently, I've been freelancing for The New York Times, but I've also written for The Globe and Mail, Maclean's, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Vulture and The Calgary Herald, among other publications.


Some career highlights include bumping into Malcolm Gladwell at a party and having Margaret Atwood respond to one of my emails. Oh, I've also interviewed former Toronto Mayor John Tory. 

During my time in the journalism, I've interviewed all sorts of interesting people: Canadian painter Kent Monkman, John Tory (once I had my Starbucks), Raptors point god Dalano Banton, East Coast Lifestyle honcho Alex MacLean, controversial art critic Jerry Saltz, Jeopardy! genius Austin Rogers, musical mastermind Alex Cameron, Universal Music big shot Jeffrey Remedios, TV funny guy Kenny Hotz, rock icon Danny Vacon, the list goes on and on. 


For my last full-time job, I was an associate editor at Toronto Life magazine, covering real estate, politics, business and sports. A lot of serious journalism stuff happened there, but my pièce de résistance was probably a gritty, 5,000-word crime story about a real estate scammer. Find it here. 


As far as my education goes, I studied philosophy and creative writing at Western University, and then, went down to New York, where I earned an MFA in journalism from New York University and interned at New York magazine. When I'm not writing, you can usually find me playing street basketball or beach volleyball. (I'm usually writing, though.)


This is my email:

(Feel free to reach out, unless you're trying to sell me real estate in the Metaverse.)

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